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What are electric dab rigs and how do they work?

You could pack a pipe or smoke if you want to consume cannabis. AnĀ electronic dab device is different . Listed in this article are details about what these are and how they work. You can get information on the process that is involved in consuming cannabis with the help of a dab rig.

How does a dab work?

Cannabis that are highly concentrated are classified as dabs. They are usually small in amounts however they are extremely concentrated. They have eighty percent or more CBD or THC. The dab needs to be heated and then vaporized to devour it. A very small percentage is taken and the effect is extraordinary for the quantity.

Dabs have advanced over the years and they are available widely now. However the age-old method is where a nail is heated with the help of a blowtorch, then the dab is touched to it and inhaled quickly.

An electronic dab rig also helps you control the temperature . So you don’t need a blowtorch. It is also safe and easy to use. An electronic dab rig is sometimes referred to as e nails.

It is especially useful when you are in a group because you don’t need to keep passing the torch and you may not be short of butane. It is a modern setup in which you need to put on the unit and you will know when the nail gets heated. Just inhale when the dab burns.