overhead garage door

Advantages of the overhead door

Compactness and solidity are the main advantages of the overhead garage door, which in any case are advantages that can now also be found in sectional doors. second floor becoming a valid alternative to the sectional door solution.


We can say that thanks to the models with thermal break and insulation, both the sectional doors and the overhead doors are able to optimally insulate the interiors. From our experience we can say that an insulated overhead door costs a little more than a sectional door that is always insulated overhead garage door manufacturers in canada.


Excluding the cheap overhead doors in simple sheet metal, easily attacked by thieves as often reported by the chronicles on thefts that take place in garages, also in this case, the technical research and some precautions have made both types of doors excellent against break-in or forcing attempts.

New look, ever more precious materials and finishes for garage doors. And to facilitate access, transit and maneuvers, there are clever and safe opening mechanisms.

The anonymous (and sad) locks for boxes have been definitively banned, today doors with an increasingly captivating look face the street: thanks to the elegant contemporary lines and noble materials of the mantle – mainly wood, available in an infinite range of colors and finishes – the new generation doors now perfectly match the other doors and windows of the house, helping to define the style and character. But the surprises go far beyond the stylistic evolution. What makes box owners (and aspiring ones) even happier is the development of the construction technology of locking systems: traditional overhead doors, in fact, are giving way to more practical, comfortable and safe sectional doors, the “smart” and space-saving alternative.

Sectional doors: only merits

Why is the sectional mechanism smarter? Because it eliminates the main defect of overhead doors which, swinging, tilting and protruding towards the outside during opening and closing, require more caution on the part of those who operate them, steal more space inside and outside the boxes and impose more complicated maneuvers with the car.